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If you have pain, DermaTran can work with your physician to identify the treatment option you’ve been waiting for.

How DermaTran Works with Your Doctor
Studies have shown that compounded medications can address hard-to-treat pain conditions by applying multiple classes of medicine directly to the affected area. This gets more medicine to the area that hurts, while greatly minimizing the threat of adverse events or addiction.4 The formulations that DermaTran compounds are defined and prescribed by your doctor and are easy to use and easy to store.  Independent studies of DermaTran prescriptions show that compounded topical treatments have minimal side effects.6

The Cost of Compound Medicines
Most insurance plans cover topical compound prescription creams and require you to pay a co-pay. A pharmacy representative will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your prescription to get the insurance information required to fill your prescription. DermaTran will not ship your medicine until we get your approval.

How to Get Started
DermaTran works with your physician so he or she can identify and prescribe a sensible treatment plan that combines multiple classes of medicine in a cream to address the complexity of your pain problem. Once prescribed by your doctor, DermaTran will then compound your patient-specific pain treatment cream.

As soon as DermaTran confirms your insurance and shipping information, we ship your medication to your home or business, via FEDEX, UPS, or U.S. Postal Service.

Where to Apply
Although it is important to apply your cream directly to the area of pain, pain often stems from other areas called “trigger points.”  These trigger points, or knots, which form in affected muscles are often a contributing factor to many pain conditions.  You can maximize the effect of your prescription by applying your cream to these areas as well.

Interested in locating your trigger points?  Use DermaTran’s “Trigger Point Finder” to help you better understand the points from which your pain may originate and where to apply your cream most effectively.