Are creams compounded by DermaTran covered by a patient's insurance?
Yes, most major insurance providers cover the creams that DermaTran compounds. Managed Care Specialists work directly with major insurance carriers to verify co-pays, file claims, and secure contracts. Our pharmacies communicate directly with patients to obtain insurance information. In most cases you will be asked to make a co-pay for your prescription. You can pick up your medication when it is ready, or DermaTran will ship your compounded medication directly to your home or office.

How much medication gets through the skin?
Compounded medications, like those prepared by DermaTran, are formulated to provide just the right amount of medication to address both sides of the inflammatory and pain cascades.3 While the skin was created as a barrier to keep contaminants from getting in, compounded medications use agents that drive the medications safely through the skin if you thoroughly massage the cream for two or more minutes. This allows the medicine to penetrate to the area of pain and work to break the pain cycle.

Do patients become addicted?
Compounded medications applied topically show little or no evidence of psychological or physical dependence.9 The reason for this lack of dependence is that these compounded drugs are applied topically and do not contain medicines that are addictive. Patients with drug-seeking behaviors experience none of the side effects from topically applied pain creams that they would normally expect from opiate oral pain medications.5

How should a doctor prepare a prescription?
Physicians may fax a prescription form to a DermaTran compounding pharmacy from their office fax line, utilize their electronic medical record system for automatic prescription transfer, or simply call us directly. Prescriptions must include:

  • Patient information, including ICD-9 diagnosis
  • Doctor information
  • Cream formulation specification
  • Dosing instructions
  • The number of refills, if applicable
  • Any additional instructions for the pharmacist or patient

How are the medications delivered?
You may pick up your medication when it is ready, or DermaTran will ship your medication to your home or office free of charge. Instructions for use are always included. Note: DermaTran cannot ship to P.O. boxes.

How long does it take for patients to receive their medication?
Most patients receive their medication within 2-3 business days. It is our goal to contact each patient within 24 hours of receiving his or her prescription.

Are there any side effects associated with topical pain creams?
Yes, all medicines have side effects. According an independent third-party analysis of questionnaire responses provided by patients using compounded topical pain prescriptions filled by DermaTran, approximately 2.2% of these patients experience a minor side effect, such as redness or skin rash. 6 If a skin rash develops, it is most often the result of an allergy or improper application. Patients should contact their doctor or the pharmacist if there are any adverse drug reactions, other issues, or if symptoms persist to determine if their compounded cream needs to be reformulated. DermaTran will work with your physician to determine if reformulation is needed.

Who can benefit from personalized medication solutions?

  • Patients with little success using current pain therapies.
  • Patients with multiple health care issues that impact a drug’s absorption or elimination.
  • Patients who experience allergic reactions to inert ingredients such as binders or dyes in commercially available products.
  • Patients who have difficulty swallowing oral medications.
  • Patients who need to break free from opiate addictions.
  • Patients who are not good surgical candidates.
  • Patients who cannot tolerate oral medication side effects such as drowsiness and constipation.

Are compound pain cream formulations safe?
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